Next UK General Election

Year of the UK's next general election

2020 is looking the most likely 👀

After analysing trends on the combined likelihoods of a variety of alternative outcomes, 2020 is the most likely outcome to Year of the UK's next general election.

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2019, on 41%, has seen their probability increase the most over the past day.

Highest Likelihood

Currently on 48.5%, 2020 is the looking the most likely.


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About Next UK General Election

The next general election in the United Kingdom is scheduled to be held on 5 May 2022 under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, i.e five years after the previous general election in 2017. The election may be held at an earlier date in the event of an early election motion being passed by a super-majority of two-thirds in the House of Commons, or a vote of no confidence in the government which is not followed by a vote of confidence within 14 days.