Article 50

Will This Happen?

Not a chance ⛔️

After analysing trends on the likelihood of Article 50, it is looking unlikely that The UK will revoke Article 50 will happen.

Recent Movement


Stable Probability

Within recent days the likelihood of this has remained relatively stable.

Current Likelihood

There is currently a 0.9% chance that The UK will revoke Article 50.


Typical Interest

This topic is receiving a typical amount of interest at the moment.

Likelihood History

About Article 50

The Lisbon Treaty became law in December 2009, eight years after European leaders launched a process to make the EU "more democratic, more transparent and more efficient". It's an agreement signed by the heads of state and government of countries that are part of the EU. Part of that law was Article 50. A very basic five-point plan should any country wish to leave the European Union.